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Revamp your phone with Aviate

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Are you bored/tired of your default homescreen? Give your phone a treat with Aviate homescreen app and enjoy a whole new experience with the blend of simplicity, elegance and intelligence. It gives your phone an entirely refreshing look and also makes it smarter. I’ll talk about some of its unique and amazing features.

1.  It makes your phone smarter 

Your homescreen automatically changes throughout the day and adapts according to the time and where you are. It gives you exactly what you need from your phone at any specific instance. For example -

After waking up in the morning you want to have a quick glance at news or before going to bed at night you don’t want other people to disturb you, Aviate adapts accordingly.

You are going somewhere and want to keep a check on traffic or you are at a restaurant and want to know what is the best meal available there. It changes your homescreen to give you right information at right moment.

You are at work and want to schedule a quick meeting or you just plugged in your earphones to listen some music. Your homescreen changes accordingly to provide quick access to relevant apps.

Aviate - MorningAviate - Work


Aviate - PlacesAviate - Listening


2.  It makes your phone more organized

Aviate automatically categorized your apps into different collections. For example – all the music apps at one place and all the games together. Auto categorization works perfectly, however you can always change the apps in collections by just dragging and dropping.

Aviate - Collections


3.  Simple and elegant interface

It has a simple layout, a very neat interface and swipe based easy navigation. It comprises of two themes – light and dark and it also supports external icon packs.

Aviate - Home


4.  It is still in beta stage

Aviate is still in its beta stage of development and they listen and respond to their users. Recently they included badge notifications and external icon pack support based on user reviews. I am certain that its final release will have more quality offerings.

Currently it is available for users having invites, but they are unloading their waiting list fast. A single person who receives an invite can send invites to 5 other people.

Use Aviate and share your Aviate experience with me in the comments. If you liked this post, share with friends.

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