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Almost everyone having a smartphone has Google Search app on his/her phone. But are you utilizing it at its full potential? I’ll talk about few useful features which you may or may not be knowing.

1.  Flight updates based on your Gmail

It automatically starts giving you updates before 24 hours of your scheduled departure based on your flight tickets received on Gmail. It also displays expected time to leave based on distance and traffic. Don’t be amazed if it also shows weather updates for the destination and your current location.

Flight UpdatesWeather Updates


2.  Movie or event updates based on your Gmail

It notifies you about when to leave for a movie or an event based on your booking tickets received on your Gmail.

Event Updates


3.  Tracks your order based on your Gmail

It tracks your orders based on confirmation/dispatch emails received from the e-commerce websites on which you made the purchases.

After DispatchAfter Delivery


4.  Sports Updates

Just add your favourite sport teams in the app and never miss an update. It also keeps you updated with major ongoing sport events.

Sports UpdatesSochi Olympics Updates


5.  Summary of your physical activities

It gives you a summary of your physical activities at end of the month based on your location data periodically sent to Google.

Summary of Activities


6.  News based on your frequent searches

It provides the latest news based on your frequent searches. If you want to continue receiving updates of a particular interest, just tap on menu (three small vertical dots on top right corner of the card) and select YES.

News UpdatesNews Updates


7.  Use voice commands and perform tasks

It is always easier saying than typing. When you are in app just say OK Google and it will activate voice search. Google has impressively improved its voice recognition. You can use this app for setting alarms and reminders. It can also navigate you to places and obviously it can open apps on your commands. Try saying these -

  • Wake me up at 10 am
  • Remind me of shopping at 5 pm
  • Take me to New Delhi
  • Take a picture
  • Record a video
  • Open Facebook
Set AlarmSet Reminder


Take a PictureOpen App


8.  Calculate, convert and translate

Say mathematical calculation such as “2 plus 3″, it will give you answer along with the in-built calculator. It also gives the numerical values of constants such as Planck’s constant. You can also use it for conversion (currency, time, length, weight, etc.) and translation. Try saying these -

  • Planck’s constant
  • 10 USD to INR
  • Love in Hindi
CalculatePlanck Constant


Currency ConversionTranslate


9.  Ask questions

Try asking questions to this app. Whether it is a family tree question or height of a famous monument. Just ask!

Sons of GandhiHeight of Taj Mahal


I hope you learned something new which can be useful for you. If you know any other interesting features, let me know in the comments. If you liked this post, share with your friends.

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