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Digital interactions with Fin

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Recently I came across an impressive gadget called Fin¬†which can turn your digital interactions like never before. This product is not yet launched but I am amazed by it’s potential.

Fin is a wearable ring which creates a gesture control palm interface, through which you can control your phone, car, TV, etc.

Fin Explanation


Fin looks a promising gadget with a great potential in shaping our digital interactions. It’s design is also elegant. Fin can be useful at several instances. For example -

  • You can use it to change music while jogging without physically touching your phone.
  • It can work as a remote and can control volume and channels on your TV by just tapping different sections of your palm.
  • It can replace joystick and make your gaming experience richer.
  • While driving you can receive you phone calls without taking your hands off steering.
  • Fin can help to you to click self shot with ease and to give presentations hands free.
  • It’s biggest advantage is for blind people who can now interact with digital world more easily.



Fin has been featured by TechCrunch, Yahoo and others. My expectations from this product are really high, hoping that they will deliver a quality product which can make our life easier and fun.

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